Event Name Locations Participants
All Day
Drama Blackout Newport High Performing Arts Center Newport High Drama
Drama Blackout- Midstage Back Interlake High Performing Arts Center Interlake High Drama
Orchestra Pit Removed Newport High Performing Arts Center Newport High Drama
12:00 am
6:00 am
6:30 am
Drill Team Practice BHS Gym Main BHS Drill Team
BHS Custodians
6:45 am
Open Weights & Conditioning BHS Weight Room BHS Custodians
7:00 am
FPS Odle Middle School Commons Odle Middle School
RAINIER BSF Board Meetings WISC Rainier Room (Bldg. 1) Bellevue Schools Foundation
7:30 am
200A Graduation Success Team meeting ESC Room 200A School Support
PTA FLL Lego Robotics Team Meeting Sherwood Forest Library Sherwood Forest Elementary
8:00 am
250A New Hire Orientation ESC Room 250A Human Resources
GeoBee International Performing Arts Center International Admin
House Floor Session Sammamish High Performing Arts Center Sammamish High 12th Graders
8:30 am
200 HR New Hire Session ESC 200 Human Resources
9:00 am
200A Para Pro Assessment ESC Room 200A Human Resources
9:30 am
NHS Lecture Hall 2202
Newport High School Orchestra
10:00 am
11:30 am
12:00 pm
200 4th Annual Safety and Security Holiday Party ESC 200 BSD Safety and Security Department
RAINIER Counseling DDPD WISC Rainier Room (Bldg. 1) ESC
12:30 pm  
1:00 pm
Algebra 2 Tutorial Sammamish High School Room 314 Sammamish High ASB
Athlete's for Kids Newport High School Commons Athletes for Kids Mentors
National Honor Society Newport High School Main Gym Newport National Honor Society
Nutrition Services Presentation MSC Nutrition Services Lunchroom Nutrition Services
OLYMPIC DDPD: Emerging Literacy Strategies and Tools to Support Diverse Learners WISC Olympic Room (Bldg.4) TECHNOLOGY
1:30 pm
BAKER OT/PT meeting WISC Baker Room (Bldg. 1) Special Education/Guidance
OLYMPIC DDPD WISC Olympic Room (Bldg.4) Special Education/Guidance
PE Credit Test Interlake High School Testing Center Interlake High School Staff
1:40 pm
National Honor Society International School Cafeteria
International School Commons
International Staff
1:45 pm
200A Elementary PE DDPD ESC Room 200A Curriculum and Instruction
PE Assessment Sammamish High School Room 417 Sammamish High ASB
PE CREDIT ASSESSMENT TEST 2019-2020 Newport High School Classroom 2407 Newport High School Student Body
PE Credit Exam BHS Room 0104 BHS In District User
2:00 pm
IB Professional Development Interlake High School Library Interlake High School Staff
2:15 pm
Professional Development for MS Science Odle Middle School Classroom 225
Odle Middle School Classroom 245
Teaching and Learning
2:30 pm
BSD Community Truancy Board Sammamish High School Room 210
Sammamish High School Room 211
BSD Families
Flag Football-GR 7/8 Chinook Football/Soccer/LaCrosse Field (West Field) Chinook Students
3:00 pm
Sound of Music Tech Newport High Performing Arts Center Newport High Drama
3:30 pm
Bellevue Youth Council & Action Meeting Interlake High School Classroom Interlake High School
Drill Practice Interlake High School Commons Interlake High School Staff
Middle School Debate Interlake High School Library Interlake High School Staff
4:00 pm
Odle Dance rehearsal Sammamish High Performing Arts Center Performing Arts Center Manager
4:30 pm  
5:00 pm
2023 KAROKEE NIGHT Interlake High School Commons Interlake High School Staff
BOYS BASKETBALL FILM SESSIONS NHS Lecture Hall 2201 Newport High School Basketball Boys Varsity
Newport High School Basketball Boys JV
BYBA Practice Chinook Large Gym
Chinook Small Gym
Bellevue Youth Basketball
Just-Ice Basketball Academy Odle Middle School Lower GYM Just Ice
Local Hoops Youth Basketball/Just Ice Sherwood Forest Cafeteria
Sherwood Forest Gymnasium
Sherwood Forest Elementary
5:30 pm
Community Development-Youth Link Board Meeting IS Room 103 COMMUNITY RELATIONS
Newport Boys Basketball (aka Newport Select Boys Basketball) INTERNATIONAL GYM Newport Boys Basketball aka Newport Select Boys Basketball
6:00 pm
NEWPORT YOUTH SOCCER CLUB PRACTICES Newport High School Stadium Newport Youth Soccer Club
Newport Select Boys Basketball Club Odle Middle School Upper GYM Newport Boys Select Basketball
6:15 pm
Boys Basketball Team Dinner BHS Commons BHS Custodians
BHS Basketball Boys JV
BHS Basketball Boys JVC
BHS Basketball Boys Varsity
6:30 pm
Bellevue PTSA Advocacy Class Newport High School Classroom 1112 Bellevue PTSA Council 2.3
7:00 pm
Jazz Nutcracker BHS Performing Arts Center BHS Custodians
Performing Arts Center Manager
Jazz Nutcracker with BHS BHS Performing Arts Center Newport High School Jazz
7:30 pm
8:00 pm
8:30 pm
CatchBall Interlake High School Main Gym Interlake High School Staff
9:00 pm
11:30 pm