Event Name Locations Participants
Key Date
No School: Non-Student Day    
All Day
Drama Blackout- Midstage Back Interlake High Performing Arts Center Interlake High Drama
Shells Setup Interlake High Performing Arts Center Interlake High Music
12:00 am
6:30 am
7:00 am
Middle School Drama Camp Sammamish High Performing Arts Center Sammamish High Drama
7:30 am  
8:00 am
Bellevue Choir Festival BHS Performing Arts Center BHS Custodians
SECURITY TRAINING EQ MSC Nutrition Services Lunchroom Warehouse Services
8:30 am
200A ParaPro Testing ESC Room 200A Human Resources
Wise Camps Newport High School Classroom 3118
Newport High School Classroom 3115
WISE (Western Institute for Scholarly Education)
9:00 am
11:00 am
11:30 am  
11:45 am
LINK CREW NHS Lecture Hall 2201 NHS Link Crew
12:00 pm
200A Instructional Team ESC Room 200A SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE
12:30 pm
3:00 pm
3:30 pm
BOYS BASKETBALL FILM SESSIONS NHS Lecture Hall 2201 Newport High School Basketball Boys Varsity
Newport High School Basketball Boys JV
Debate Practice BHS Room 1114
BHS Room 1115
BHS Custodians
BHS Speech & Debate
Open Field Conditioning BHS Memorial Stadium BHS ASB
3:40 pm
Speech & Debate Practices Newport High School Classroom Newport High School Debate
4:00 pm
Chess Match Interlake High School Library Interlake High School Staff
Drama Rehearsal International Performing Arts Center International Drama
Newport Lacrosse Newport High School Stadium Newport Boys Lacrosse
4:15 pm
Cheer Practice BHS Commons East BHS Cheer
BHS Custodians
4:30 pm  
5:00 pm
BBLC Youth Lacrosse BHS Memorial Stadium Bellevue Boys Lacrosse
BYBA Practice Chinook Large Gym
Chinook Small Gym
Bellevue Youth Basketball
Open Field Athletics BHS Memorial Stadium BHS ASB
5:30 pm
Newport Boys Basketball (aka Newport Select Boys Basketball) INTERNATIONAL GYM Newport Boys Basketball aka Newport Select Boys Basketball
6:00 pm
BYSO Interlake High School Classroom Interlake High School
Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra Odle Middle School Orchestra Room
Odle Middle School Band Room
Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra (BYSO)
6:15 pm
Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal Sherwood Forest Cafeteria
Sherwood Forest Gallery
Sherwood Forest Gymnasium
Sherwood Forest Music Room #188
Sherwood Forest 4th Grade Shared Space
Sherwood Forest Elementary
Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra Rehearsals Newport High School Band Room Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra
6:30 pm
NEWPORT VILLA CONDO OWNERS ASSOC. MEETING Newport High School Classroom 1112 Newport Villa Condo HOA
7:00 pm
11:30 pm